We Are Thankful For You!

With Thanksgiving approaching tomorrow we want all of our customers to know we are thankful for you! We have been blessed with so many great clients and we are always excited to serve you.

Here are some fun facts about Thanksgiving for you…
The first Thanksgiving was held in the autumn of 1621 but was not celebrated until 200 years later!
There was also no forks or turkey on the first Thanksgiving meal! And each year there is a presidential pardon where the president spares a turkey from being eaten on Thanksgiving!!

We hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow! Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday!


Why Invest you ask……

Upholstery Chair During Cleaning

What are your investments?

An investment is a devotion, using, or giving of time and emotional energy and we all want to protect our investments.

When we purchase or rent a home we take our time to look for what our needs are and the needs of our families. Why not protect them?

View our website for detailed information on why you should protect your investments, such as you carpet, tile and upholstery.

Or call today to schedule an appointment (760) 245-5556

“Thank You”


Thank You For Referring Our Company!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your friend, neighbor, client or co-worker.

Our sincerest desire is to provide the most outstanding service experience possible!!

Our Referral Rewards Program is our way of saying “Thank You” to you for your confidence in our company!

Call today to get the most outstanding service experience ever!
(760) 2455-5556

Look out for Sandy!

Sandy is dropping off a little piece of gold this week!

But that’s not all! We would like to say Thank You for your Referrals by offering you 15% off your next

cleaning if you post a picture with our March marketing gift and tag A Clean Pro on our Facebook!

Let the posting begin!!!

Offer Expires this Friday, March 6th, 2015. Minimum charge applies.

Pot of Gold - March Marketing Gift 2

What a GREAT Program!

We would like to say “Thank You” to several of our referral sources by giving them
some Christmas cheer with a Starbucks Reindeer.
THANK YOU again for referring our company!
Reindeer Starbucks Marketing Gift -Sarah  Reindeer Starbucks Marketing Gift - Select Few
If your not familiar with our Referral Rewards Program let me fill you in……
We offer a 10% referral fee to anyone that refers a NEW client to our company.
The Referral Reward Certificate is redeemable for CASH or SERVICES.
Also, Thank you to Sarah Francis for making the marketing goodies!

From A Clean Pro to YOU!

What Distinguishes A CLEAN PRO from others?
Making Cookies Marketing Gift Nov 2014 Making Cookies2 Making Cookies3
– We have good references.
– We are experienced in all types of cleanings.
– We always provide excellent customer service.
– We guarantee our work. 
– We are educated in our industry and keep up to date on the latest cleaning technology.
 Here just a few pictures of Jackie, Denise & Sarah preparing our November marketing gifts.
Everything we do, we do with heart!
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