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Let’s Celebrate!!!

At the end of a busy day some us Watch T.V., Read or even Listen to Music. How about taking a bath?

Did you know?

– The bubbles on top of the water actually insulate the bath water, keeping it warmer for a longer period of time.

– One of the best combinations for a bubble bath is adding 5-6 drops of lavender oil, herbs and salt to relax your body.

Let’s all celebrate National Bubble Bath Day!

Everyday is a day to be Thankful!

On this Thanksgiving where ever you may be look around and take a moment……

It may be your grandson covered in mashed potatoes, your husband watching football,

your niece’s laughter being heard from the next room, the meal on your table or all those that surround you.

Be Thankful for you are already blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving from your A CLEAN PRO family!

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