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What more do you need?

Good Morning Friends & Family…..
Were sending out a friendly reminder that its that time again!
Burber Clean and Dirty
The Holidays are just around the corner.
With the Fall decorations  up and the scent of Pumpkin & Apple Spices floating
through the air….what more would make things complete then clean carpet!!
Keep in mind any carpet near a fireplace can get very warm, making it a perfect place for odd little creatures to fester.
This little creature is called a firebrat, look it up their not very pretty.
Call A Clean Pro today to get you home cleaned.
(760) 245-5556

Have you Fall-en?

We have Fall-en in love…..


 Coffee shops started breaking out their pumpkin spice beverages.

The cooling weather begins to reduce the amount of pollen in the air,

signaling fewer allergy symptoms (Yah) and our trees begin to turn beautiful reds,

oranges, yellows, and even purples.

 So get ready to grab your pumpkin spiced beverage of choice, wrap on a scarf, and head outside.

It’s finally the first day of Autumn.

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