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Removing Pet Odors/ Pet Urine

Pet Urine Removal

Any pet owner knows what a struggle it is to get pet urine out of the carpet. Weather your fluffy friend is being potty trained, or they just could not hold it any longer, you are left cleaning and scrubbing to get the odor out of your carpet!

Here are some simple steps to remove pet urine out of your carpet.But remember A Clean Pro can clean those spots professionally and can get better results than home remedies! 760-245-5556

1.Cover the trouble area with cornstarch, wait 30 minutes then blot with water.
2. Mix water and vinegar and apply to spot. Then sprinkle over the spot baking soda, washing detergent, and hydrogen peroxide. Allow to dry then vacuum.
3. Soak up with paper towel. Sprinkle baking soda , hydrogen peroxide and washing detergent. Let to sit, then vacuum.


Pet Odor issues?

Do you have pet odor in your home?

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Your cute cuddly friend can actually be causing your home a lot of harm. Between the occasional accident, loose fur, and dirt being tracked in there could be smells and damage to your home. But there is a way to fight back!

Pet odor removal

Pet Urine???


Pet Urine Before  and After Apple Valley


Dealing with pet urine?

Being in business 27 years we have seen with many cases of pet urine. We provide topical treatments and top and bottom urine treatments!

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But, Where is that urine odor coming from??

Living Room During Cleaning

We all love all the details of moving into to a new home. Maybe it’s the excitement of a 3 car garage,

the extra walk in closet or even the marble counter tops.

Now that your settled in you start opening up windows to enjoy the warmer weather.

But, Where is that urine odor coming from??

Did you know?

Humidity increases the sensitivity of odor sensors. So the more humid your house is, the stronger the odors become. Indoor
humidity levels also increase during the summer. Every day activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes also cause humidity. And when indoor humidity levels rise, they reactivate the latent urine deposits and the urine odor returns.

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Pet Urine Before  and After Apple Valley

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Before & After Pet Urine

Were in this together…..

For many families, their pets are a vital part of the family.

Just like other family members, we don’t get rid of them when they have  accidents .

Pet Urine Before Apple Valley 1     Pet Urine After Apple Valley 1

Lets work together on keeping your home  fresh and clean .

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Before & After Pet Urine

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*NEW SERVICE* Air Purification/Odor Control

A Clean Pro is proud to announce their NEW Air Purification/Deodorization Service. The Titan 4000 is the largest Air Purification and Deodorization system that produces no ozone, is 100% safe. Not only does it eliminate odors but it also 94% effective in filtering the air.

Common uses for our Air Purification system are: Pet/Urine Odor, Cigarette Smoke, Etc..

This system is extremely effective and ideal for ANY unwanted odor in your Home, RV or Business.

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Titan 4000

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