Spring is here…Time to RV!!

Just like your home dirt and dust from the outdoors finds their way inside your RV.
Here are a few tips to keep your RV looking and feeling clean.
Nice cleaning pic at end
– A door mat at the bottom of the steps will help prevent dirt from being tracked inside.

– Use a compact, portable vacuum cleaner, broom and dust pan to keep dust down to a minimum.

– Besides vacuuming the carpet weekly, you should give it a steam cleaning every year or sooner depending

on the condition of the carpet. After a few trips to Dumont your going to need a cleaning.

Let us help you with that. Call to schedule your carpet cleaning and/or
your upholstery cleaning in your home away from home.


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Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile Cleaning PrettyTile Cleaning before and after 2
Why does your grout become stained?
– Grout is porous and absorbs mold, fungi, mildew, bacteria, dirt and dust easily.
This is why it becomes stained and ruins the look of your entire flooring or even the look of your kitchen itself.
How effective is mopping?
– Mops are made of cotton or sponge; they both absorb liquid. We put the mop in a pail to absorb the cleaning detergent, wring it out and proceed to mop.
We put the dirty mop back into the now dirty cleaning solution and continue to mop.
We repeat, using dirtier and dirtier water as we go along, until finished.
How often should you get your Tile and Grout Cleaned you ask….
Well…..It depends on your lifestyle. If you rarely use your stovetop it could be every 2 years but if you have pets,
children and/or are the center of candle parties and bingo Wednesday’s it will be more often.
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