Born with a silver spoon

Happy Friday!!
This weeks Fun Phrase is ” Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

Meaning: He got his wealth from inheritance rather than working for it.

History: It is an old tradition for godparents to give their godchild a spoon (perhaps more than one) at the time of christening; among the wealthy, it was usually a silver spoon. Sometimes it was a set of 12, each with a figure of a different apostle at the upper end of the handle, hence the term, apostle spoons. Presumably a child receiving silver spoons was from a wealthy family and would not have to worry about money. Cervantes in Don Quixote (1615) reminds us that it is not so with everybody: ” Every man was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”


Hold Your Horses!!

Happy Friday!!

This weeks fun phrase is ” Hold your horses.”

Meaning: Take it easy; keep calm; don’t do anything rash.

History: It is what one would have to do with horses when they began to get nervous or excited; by 1844 it had been extended to people, as in the New Orleans Picayune: “Oh, hold your horses, Squire. There’s no use gettin riled, no how.”


Caught red handed?

Happy Friday Everyone! Our Fun Phrase Friday today is..
Caught Red Handed
Meaning: To be caught doing something wrong
History: This saying originated because of a law. If someone butchered an animal that didn’t belong to him, he had to be caught with the animal’s blood on his hands to be convicted. Being caught with freshly cut meat did not make the person guilty.

Rub the Wrong Way

Happy Friday everyone!

This weeks fun phrase is…”Rub the Wrong Way”

Meaning: To irritate, bother, or annoy someone

History: In colonial America, servants were required to wet-rub and dry-rub the oak-board floors each week. Doing it against the grain

caused streaks to form, making the wood look awful and irritating the homeowner.

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