How Can I Get A Discount??

A lot of our customers always ask when scheduling a cleaning ‘What discounts do you offer?’ We have some money saving options that we offer to clients that we would love to see you take advantage of!

Our favorite type of discount is Referral Rewards Certificates. Through our Referral Rewards Program you can earn free cash in a snap! If you refer A Clean Pro to friends, family members or coworkers and they book a cleaning with us, you will receive ten percent of their cleaning amount. We will send you a certificate that you can either apply towards your next cleaning or you can redeem it for cash. There is no limit to the amount of certificates that can be used on a cleaning. You can even collect several certificates and get your next cleaning free! Just make sure your friend or coworker mentions your name when they call so that we can get you the certificate.

We also offer a few discounts. We have a ten percent vacant home discount. If your home is empty or if you have your furniture moved before our technician arrives we can give you the discount. We also offer military and senior discounts, which are ten percent as well. Keep in mind that while we love to pass savings onto our clients, we do not combine discounts.

Also, keep in mind that the more rooms you have cleaned at a time the less each room costs. If you would like your whole house to be cleaned, it is more cost effective to do it in one day rather than spreading it over two or three different cleanings.

A Clean Pro sends out a newsletter every four to six weeks with special offers and coupons. If you are interested in getting added to our mailing list, feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to send you our mailers so that you can take advantage of our specials! We also offer specials on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to see exclusive deals that only our fans get to see!

We give free phone estimates and free on site tile cleaning estimates. Feel free to call today to schedule your next cleaning, and be sure to mention any discounts you are eligible for!

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