Which service would you like to schedule today?

DSC_0464Which service would you like to schedule today?

– Upholstery Cleaning
– Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing
– RV Cleaning
– Fabric & Fiber Protection
– Area Rug Cleaning
– Commercial Carpet Cleaning
– Mattress Cleaning
– Carpet Cleaning
– Odor Purification Services
– Water Damage

Don’t give up on her!

You’ve cleaned up Roxy’s third pee spot this morning, why does it still have an odor?
Urine and urine odors can permeate from the floor, be it cement or wood, from the tack strips,
and even from the framework of the house.
As urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent.
Simple cleaning will not remove this odor. Need HELP?
Call A CLEAN PRO for an appointment today (760) 245-5556!

*NEW SERVICE* Air Purification/Odor Control

A Clean Pro is proud to announce their NEW Air Purification/Deodorization Service. The Titan 4000 is the largest Air Purification and Deodorization system that produces no ozone, is 100% safe. Not only does it eliminate odors but it also 94% effective in filtering the air.

Common uses for our Air Purification system are: Pet/Urine Odor, Cigarette Smoke, Etc..

This system is extremely effective and ideal for ANY unwanted odor in your Home, RV or Business.

* Call for SPECIAL PRICING through March 1, 2014*

Titan 4000

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