Fun Phrase Friday: “For Crying Out Loud”

Happy Friday!
This weeks fun phrase is “For crying out loud!”

Meaning: Oh, for heaven’s sake; what your saying (or doing) is preposterous.

History: The saying is a euphemism (also describable as a minced oath) for “For Christ’s sake!” and seems to have coined, probably in the United States, about 90 years ago.


Fun Phrase Friday: Tie the knot

Happy Friday!!
This weeks fun phrase is ” Tie the knot”

Meaning: Marry or get married.

History: It would be interesting to know weather it was a man or a woman who first envisioned marriage as a knot. Matthew Prior had heard the expression by 1717, when he wrote (in Alma): “So to the priest their case they tell: He ties the knot.”


6 Reasons to get your carpet cleaned !

Should I get my carpet cleaned???

There are 6 ways to help you tell if you are in need of a carpet cleaning! Remember also to schedule your annual yearly cleanings to keep up your warranty.

  1.  Traffic Lines
  2. Sandpaper carpet
  3. Odors
  4. Water Damage
  5.  Discoloration
  6. Stains

Remember to call your favorite carpet cleaning professionals, A Clean Pro, when you are ready to schedule your appointment. Call us at 760-245-5556!

The Shower Dilemma

The Shower Dilemma

The job of your shower or bathtub is to keep you and your family clean… yet you might have noticed that the shower or bathtub themselves are in need of attention from time to time.

The problem is a common one. You combine soap residue with hard water and the resulting challenge is a build-up on the walls of the shower, the fixtures and more. It can be an ugly, difficult-to-clean mess! Sometimes, the shower and bath seem to be dirtier than you…

The solution is also a common one, pretty easy to accomplish, if you have the right tools.

A somewhat misleading concoction some think works for cleaning shower stalls and bath fixtures is to mix vinegar with ammonia and add a few other ingredients. The problem with that is the vinegar and ammonia cancel each other out in regards to the acidity and alkalinity of the products. Remember that the “crud” on the tile and tub need acidity to remove them… thus the idea of using a vinegar or acidic solution.

The solution? Create your own cleaning agent using vinegar, a drop of Dawn Dish Soap (or similar product) with super-hot water. You will need a trigger sprayer or small pump-up sprayer. Apply the home-made concoction liberally over all the areas that need to be cleaned. Allow at least 5 minutes of contact time (the more the better) and then rinse.  You may need to repeat the application of the vinegar, dish soap and hot water.

Using vinegar is safe. Don’t use a harsh acid (such as a rust removing product) in place of vinegar. The chemical reaction and resulting residue from using a strong acid can be harmful to your skin or the skin of your family.

Don’t forget that a little elbow grease may be necessary to get the job done right. The soap scum and mineral deposits can be very tough to remove. But with the right amount of cleaning solutions along with your own scrubbing efforts, your shower dilemma will be over.

Of course, for all your cleaning needs, from carpet to upholstery to tile floors and more, call your favorite cleaning pro, A Clean Pro 760-245-5556 !

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