Happy April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools Day! Wishing everyone a fun and safe day!
Here some fun facts about April Fools:
Did you know…

Some historians believe the April Fools’ customs began in France, although no one knows for sure.

In Scotland, April Fools’ lasts two days. Victims of pranks are called gowks (cuckoo birds). The second day is known as Taily Day, and pranks involving the backside are played. Supposedly, it is the origin of “kick me” signs.

In 1996 Taco Bell Corp. runs a full-page ad in several major newspapers claiming it has purchased the Liberty Bell and is renaming it the “Taco Liberty Bell.”

So how did this tradition of craziness begin?

April Fools Day is celebrated every year on the first day of April as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

The jokes and their victims are known as “April fools”.

So how did this tradition of craziness begin? In truth, it remains a mystery, although there are many theories about how April Fools’ Day got started.

Just remember to be respectful and have fun!

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