How To Prepare For Us

How to Prepare for Your Cleaning

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Thank you for trusting A Clean Pro with your carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning needs! For you to prepare here are some suggestions that will help us both:

  • In the areas that we will be cleaning, please remove small items like floor plants, magazine racks, chairs etc.
  • Remove any breakable items from any furniture that we will be moving to clean your flooring.
  • Any full-length draperies should be pinned up to a minimum of 6” off the floor.
  • If your upholstered furniture has any skirts that touch the carpet, please pin them up.
  • We do not move fragile furniture, china cabinets, computer equipment, entertainment centers, and sectional sofas. We can clean right around the base or clean underneath those items if sufficient room is available.
  • As we walk through your home during our pre-inspection, please advise technicians of any special instructions to follow when moving your furniture such as previous repairs, weak legs, or loose table tops.
  • Please point out any spots or stains you are concerned about.  We will apply special treatments to these areas.
  • To keep everyone safe, please keep your pets and children out of the areas we are cleaning during and as the flooring dries after the cleaning.
  • A special note about odors:

We do everything we can to reduce or remove odors although 100% success is not guaranteed because we do not know how deep the contamination is. A higher level of odor may be noticeable for many days after the cleaning because there are higher levels of humidity after cleaning for a short period of time.

After Care Information:

  • Please leave the plastic “tabs” and “blocks” under furniture after your cleaning for at least 48 hours.
  • Please don’t allow your pets or small children to lie down or crawl on the carpet until it is completely dry as a safety pre-caution.
  • Be extremely cautious when you are walking from your damp carpet onto any hard surface area.



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