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Fabric and Fiber Protection Apple Valley CA

Fabric & Fiber Protection

At A Clean Pro, we offer Bridgepoint’s Maxim Fiber & Fabric Protection because we feel it is the finest protection product on the market today.

Maxim Fiber Protection guarantees you the highest quality protection available against stains and re-soiling. It has two protective properties that it utilizes. The first property is that it blocks acid dyes.  This basically means that it fills the empty dye sites in the fibers with a clear dye.  In doing this, foreign dyes, such as the red dyes present in many juice drinks, are unable to penetrate the fibers of the carpet. The second layer of protection is referred to as “flourochemical”.  You may have heard of 3M Scotch guard or DuPont Teflon, name brands for this “flourochemical”.  When someone spills something on the carpet, this “flourochemical” helps keep the liquid from getting to the acid dye blocker but more importantly, it help to repel dry soil so that less soil can bond to the carpet fibers and is readily picked up as you vacuum.  We make sure that there is the right amount of protection on the carpet so that the soil will not bond to your carpet fibersWhen soil adheres to the fibers in the carpet, it acts similar to sandpaper on your traffic areas.  Once the yarns are broken down from the soil rubbing against your carpet fibers, it is not possible to bring them back to their original appearance.  This is why protection is so important to apply, as it will extend the life of your carpet.


Protection is removed from carpet in two ways:

  1. Foot traffic. Depending on the amount of regular foot traffic, the protection applied may wear off anywhere from 6 months to as long as 2 years. Once the protector wears off, it should be re-applied.
  1. Cleaning products that are high in alkaline . Uninformed, uneducated carpet cleaners mistakenly use harsh cleaning agents that strip the protection from the carpet.  If this has happened, it is best to consider having protection re-applied on your carpet.


Some Mistakes That Other Carpet Cleaners Make:

1.Using poor-quality protector. Using discounted protection products can void your carpet warranty and are not nearly as effective. A Clean Pro is always researching to make sure that we are using the industries very highest quality protectors.

2.Wrong product application. Carpet cleaners can either over apply or under apply protection on your carpet. When it is under applied the carpet yarns do not receive complete penetration. When protection is over applied the carpet becomes rough and stiff. A Clean Pro technicians are trained diligently for proper application.

3.Multiple cleaning agents in one container . Mixing carpet protector in the same container that is used for other cleaning agents can contaminate the carpet protector resulting in the product becoming gummy and ineffective. We use a container that is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for the carpet protector.

4.Skipping the grooming process. The carpet protector should be groomed into the carpet so that the product penetrates the fibers most effectively.  When it is groomed in, all the surfaces of the carpet yarns will have the protection distributed among them equally. A Clean Pro technicians groom the protector thoroughly into the carpet pile to ensure that it will perform best.


Why It Is Important To Always Apply Carpet Protector:

  1. Permanent stains reduced. The look of a beautiful carpet can be ruined by unsightly spots. Protected carpet repels spills much better than Apple Valley Untreated Carpet Apple Valley Treated Carpet unprotected carpet, helps you to avoid permanent staining and will allow you to remove spots and spills easily.
  1. Saves traffic areas from damage. The life of your carpet will be increased dramatically when you apply protection because the soil will beunable to bond to the carpet fibers.  Remember that the soil in traffic areas is abrasive (like sandpaper) and can do irreparable damage to your carpet. Vacuuming your protected carpet will be more effective because the soils will come up much easier from the carpet.
  1. Professional Cleanings are more effectiveYour next professional carpet cleaning will be more effective when protection has been applied because more soil can be pulled up than if you did not apply protector.

5.You can avoid expensive service calls. You most likely will be able to save having to pay a minimum charge for a spot cleaning by removing the spot easily yourself. Even though A Clean Pro will come out anytime there is an issue with a spot or spill, you now have the option to wipe up the spot and wait for your regular cleaning. You would not be able to do this without the help of protection.

  1. When carpet is protected it will look its best and its life will be extended dramatically. 
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