Don’t forget about your upholstery!

When was the last time your upholstery was cleaned?

Don’t give up on your upholstery…… A Clean Pro is experienced in cleaning the finest of upholstered fabrics.

Your upholstery should always get the same care as your carpet along with the following important steps:

1. Pre-Inspection:  Our certified technician will inspect the upholstery, taking into consideration the fabric type and soiling conditions. He will always advise you of any possible permanent staining.

2. Area Protection: We will prepare and protect your flooring and surrounding furnishings.

3. Pre-Vacuum: All fabrics will be vacuumed thoroughly to remove all dry soil and loose particles from cracks and crevices.

4. Pre-Spray & Pre-Spot: Your fabric is “pre-sprayed” with special compounds specially designed for your specific fabric & soil conditions.

5. Pre-Agitate: The pre-spray will be worked gently into your fabric using a soft upholstery brush or white towel, specially designed for this use.

6. Rinse & Extract: The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle, controlled rinse .

7. Neutralize: Your fabric is then pH balanced to maintain its soft, fresh feel. This treatment is applied as a rinse thru the machine or is applied  after rinsing depending on soil conditions.

8. Post Spot Treatment: Any remaining spots will be treated with specialty-spotting techniques.

* For longer and healthier fabric life and fewer stains, have protection applied!*

9. Dry Toweling: Your upholstery will then be prepared for drying and moisture absorption.

10. Speed Dry:  High velocity are movers will be placed accordingly to speed up the fabrics dry time.

11. Post Groom: If the fabric has a knap, the knap is gently set in one direction using a grooming brush.

12. Post Cleaning Inspection: Our technician will review and inspect the cleaning results with you to unsure that your expectation have ben met or exceeded.

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